DR Oxigen Alkaline

  • 24 bottles/each carton
  • 600ml/each bottle


*Shipping is only available in Sarawak


Product Description

  • pH 8.5-8.9
  • High Oxygen Content
  • Smaller nano-sized water molecule clusters
  • Bioactive and easily absorbed
  • Alkaline water helps our bodies metabolize nutrients and expel toxins more efficiently than regular tap water
  • No preservatives, flavoring or artificial coloring


Dr Oxigen Plus alkaline water

pH 8.5-8.9
  • DR OXIGEN Alkaline water pH8.5-8.9 is a powerful antioxidant. Anti-oxidants help protect our bodies from free radicals that can cause various health problems.
  • It is effectively balances the pH levels of the body. The body tries to naturally maintain the acid-alkaline balance of your blood. But when your body is overly acidic, your system has to work even harder to keep that balance. That can in turn cause stress in other areas.
  • DR OXIGEN Alkaline water can wash away toxins in your body that can develop diseases and illnesses.
  • It helps to boosts the immune system.
  • DR OXIGEN Alkaline water will help you lose weight. DR OXIGEN is very helpful for those who have problems with their weight.
  • It helps to fight cancer. In simple term, cancer cells do not live in an environment with a neutral pH level. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.  DR OXIGEN Alkaline is useful because it keeps the acid in the body neutral.
  • DR OXIGEN Alkaline water prevents the development of diabetes. Dr. Theodore Baroody released a study about alkaline water where he says there is an important relationship between sugar intake and alkaline water. In his book Alkalize or Die, Dr. Baroody stated, “The pancreas is highly dependent on correct alkaline diet. In return, it produces alkaline digestive enzymes and sodium bicarbonate. All aspect of pancreatic function reduces excess acidity.”
  • DR OXIGEN Alkaline water can help cure psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin disease that has no cure.
High oxygen content

When you drink DR OXIGEN Alkaline water your digestive system provides good growing for ‘friendly bacteria’ in it. The pathogens do not survive as there is adequate oxygen, viruses and bacteria that host of infection die. The good bacteria flourished and improve the immunity.

The friendly bacteria that reside in our intestines help in the breakdown of ingested food and promote digestion. As good bacteria thrive in oxygen-rich conditions, drinking DR OXIGEN Alkaline water may contribute in improving digestion.

Cellular respiration, in which the cells derive energy from the food ingested, can be either aerobic or anaerobic. When cellular respiration occurs in the presence of oxygen, it is called aerobic respiration, and when it occurs in the absence of oxygen, it is called anaerobic respiration. Aerobic respiration is considered to be the most effective way to obtain energy from food molecules. In short, DR OXIGEN Alkaline water promotes aerobic respiration.

Excess accumulation of lactic acid cause lactic acidosis―a by-product of anaerobic respiration―in the blood and a sharp fall in oxygen levels. This usually occurs when performing exercise at a high intensity. During an intense exercise session, oxygen requirements of the muscle tissues are greater than the blood can supply. Hence, the body switches from an aerobic to an anaerobic mode (absence of oxygen) for energy production. However, too much of lactic acid is often responsible for causing muscle aches, fatigue, and prolonged recovery periods. In order to significantly decrease lactic acidosis and maximize oxygen delivery, drinking DR OXIGEN Alkaline water during exercise is recommended. High oxygen-enriched in water delays anaerobic respiration during exercise, which helps boost performance output. Therefore DR OXIGEN Alkaline water reduces lactic Acidosis.

Getting the right body pH balance is the key to staying healthy. Often, eating the wrong food lowers the body’s pH, creating an acidic environment. However, drinking DR OXIGEN Alkaline water helps to balance pH levels. In short, DR OXIGEN Alkaline water maintain a healthy pH range.

You will feel more energetic, alert, and less tired during the day with more oxygen circulating in the bloodstream. Drinking DR OXIGEN Alkaline water can help maintain blood oxygen in the healthy range. This ensures that your blood transports enough oxygen to the muscles and the brain and it boost overall stamina and well-being.

DR OXIGEN Alkaline water reduces cancer risk. Cancer cells tend to multiply in a low-oxygen environment. Drinking DR OXIGEN Alkaline water regularly, more oxygen is available at the cellular level, making it difficult for cancer cells to live. This oxygen-infused water that creates an oxygen-rich environment may help protect the body from cancerous growth.

Smaller nano-sized water molecule cluster

Smaller nano-sized water molecule cluster
  • Your hydration is highly effective enhanced
  • Your energy gains and enhancing mental clarity
  • the small clusters of water helps to maintain the reliability of your DNA
  • DR OXIGEN Alkaline water will enhance the communication of the cells and lead to faster healing and body repairs
  •  The process of your transportation of oxygen and other nutrients in your body is much faster and more effective as water is instrumental in transportation of oxygen and other nutrient in the body
  • Elimination of toxins in the body and promotes good health as DR OXIGEN Alkaline water helps detoxification of the body
  • DR OXIGEN Alkaline water works hand in hand with nutritional supplement that will bring the healing or relief that is intended.
No preservative, flavoring or artificial coloring

No preservative, flavoring or artificial coloring contain in DR OXIGEN Alkaline water.